Thursday, October 22, 2009


How do you like the new blog header? I was playing around with the fantastic new My Digital Studio (referred to as MDS from here on out) and made some new headers. Who needs sleep when there's creativity to be had! One of the super cool things about MDS is that it's compatible with other software programs. So, I was able to crop the page in Photoshop so that it would fit as a header. In all honesty, it took a bit of time to make the first header, which is the Halloween one you see at the top of the page as of this posting. HOWEVER, the Autumn and Christmas ones which will be appearing at the appropriate times took almost no time at all. The most time consuming part was figuring out what images to use. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't already discovered the Stampin' Up! You Tube channel, go check it out.

Oh cool, my upload worked! I'm feeling like a freakin' technical genius first with my digital scrapbooking and then uploading a You Tube video. Pretty amazing considering I never did figure out how to program the VCR, but that's ok 'cuz I can program the DVR.

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JulieA said...

Cool new header! And can you give me instruction on how to upload the you tube movies? Apparently I'm video impaired. :(