Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In case you haven't noticed, it's been 2 months since I posted anything. Summers are super crazy around here with the kids swimming on 2 swim teams, playing water polo, fighting with each other and generally annoying their mother. Three more weeks until school starts, but who's counting LOL

PLUS, I've had serious stampers' block. Nothing is inspiring me and I just look at stamps and wonder what to do with them. A couple months ago, I signed up for a 100 card swap which needed to be in the mail yesterday at the latest. I thought I had a design and cut a bunch of card stock, took it on vacation and did some gluing, punching, etc. and then decided the card had been hit with an ugly stick. So, now I have 100 2x2 squares of Raspberry Tart DSP glued to Razzleberry squares that didn't get used...sigh. I finally came up with a design I liked on Sunday so then had to go into stamping overdrive to get it done. Fortunately, some wonderful women at the pool helped me with the last couple steps and saved my sanity yesterday. Plus they liked the card, so that was good. I'll make another one and post it here in the next couple days. Nag me if I don't.

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JulieA said...

Hey, you know we'll nag if you tell us to, right? Do you really want to leave that one out there? ;-)