Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing Java: Why My Posts are Less Frequent

We have a new addition to our family: a black lab named Java. She's 8 weeks old and completely adorable, which is good considering how many times she's peed in the house, bit our hands, woken us up, etc.
Photographing a completely black dog is kind of difficult. Our joke name for her is Java the Mutt. Starwars fans appreciate the humor. When she's not in her crate, we have to watch her 100% of the time so she doesn't get into things she shouldn't or use the carpet as her fire hydrant. Since I'm the one who is home during the day, I get to do the lion's share of the watching (and rushing her outside). Needless to say, my stamping time has been seriously curtailed.



Kathy W said...

super cute creation- love the name I am big coffee fan

JulieA said...

She's so cute! And glad that she's yours and not mine! Love the star wars lovin' son appreciates it, and as a coffee lover, so do I.

Joanne Travis said...

She's a beauty!! Love the little tongue poking out :)

Teri Klawitter said...

She is adorable!! Congratulations!!