Friday, February 20, 2009

What do Olympic Athletes Do in Their Spare Time?

They do papercrafting, of course! No, I'm not talking about myself although my kids say I'd qualify in Nagging if it were an Olympic event. I bought this fantastic card at a swim meet a few weeks ago. It was made by Megan (Quann) Jendrick, who is a two-time Olympic swimmer with several medals under her belt, or rather, around her neck. I bought this for our friend, Gillian, who is a huge Megan Jendrick fan. Fortunately, Megan is an amazing role model.

Anyway, here's the card. I know it's not Stampin' Up! supplies, but we'll ignore that for now. I have been studying the cardstock and have some ideas about how to duplicate it with SU supplies, though. The water and black line in the middle of the lane would be easy. The lane lines (the dividers between the lanes) are a bit trickier. But, I digress.
I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote on the front. The stars are metallic, but didn't scan well.
And, just to prove that it's authentic, here's the back with her autograph.

Here's a pop quiz about Megan.

1. How old was she when she started swimming?

a. 5

b. 2

c. 9

2. How old was she when she went to her first Olympics?

a. 16

b. 19

c. 22

3. What high school did she go to?

a. Puyallup

b. Rogers

c. Emerald Ridge

1.Answer: 9. When she started on a swim team at age 9, she could barely dog paddle.

2. Answer: 16 -- she went to the Sydney Olympics in 2000

3. Answer: Unfortunately she went to Emerald Ridge rather than Rogers (my alma mater). All of these high schools are in Puyallup, WA.

Megan is an amazing role model because she is super positive, very down to earth, and I'd be shocked if she ever lost corporate sponsorship due to her non-swimming activities (was that diplomatic enough?). My kids have been to several of her swim camps and she was very inspirational. Her husband, Nathan, also gave talks on nutrition, which got my younger son to insist that we eat brown rice, whole grains, organic, etc.

She's also got a book out called Get Wet, Get Fit, which she co-authored with Nathan. If you are a swimmer or a swim parent, this book contains lots of valuable information about stroke technique, dryland exercises, and nutrition, which was the most helpful section for me.

Alright, enough rambling for today. Have a fantastic weekend!




Laura Brown said...

Great idea for a card! So creative!

Kathy W said...

tfs- I coached swimming for 20 years so love to hear these stories!