Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Out of a Stamper's Slump

Please tell me I'm not the only one who occasionally gets into these slumps where everything comes out really ugly. My creativity seems to have gone on vacation lately. You should see some of the cards that I've made...or not. Fortunately, Joanne challenged Julie and me to CASE (Copy And Steal Everything) one of the cards in the new Stampin' Up! catalog. So, at least here's one thing that doesn't stink LOL It's based on a card on page 58. I had to change the stamp set and the colors a bit (does that count as being creative?) since I didn't have the supplies that they used.

Anyway, this is it. I used the new Petal Pizzazz stamp set, which is a fun, retro floral set.

So, keep your fingers crossed that I can get out of this slump. Otherwise I'll have to torture you with the ugly cards. It'll be the stampers' version of What Not to Wear.



5 comments: said...

Very cute! I found you via spitcoaststampers while looking for inspiration on using the Priceless stamp set. Love your card set using the stamps. Will be back to visit.

Jana Emmert said...

Love this, Sharon! Thanks for reminding me I need to use metal edged tags. Almost forgot I had them, LOL!

JulieA said...

Metal edge tags? You mean those things still in the package at the bottom of the drawer? Guess I should pull them out. Very cute CASE! (And I hope your case of the uglies goes away soon. :-) )

Kathy W said...

nothing like a challenge and new stamps to help you get out of a slump. plus I always forget to use catalog to copy design or card-

Kim said...

I think you managed to pull yourself out of your slump, that's a very cute card!