Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog Candy Winner

Congratulations to Nichole M for winning my blog candy prize. Thanks to all of you for your nice comments. For those of you who said you wished I posted more frequently, well, if I could find a way to sleep less and not be grumpy, had a self-cleaning house, or sold my kids on e-bay, then I could probably manage that :-) I'll try and do better though.



Beth said...

Congrats to Nichole! Sharon, I love your sense of humor!! I so hear you on ALL those points. Funny how "life" can get in the way of our fun time.
Have a good weekend!

Kim said...

Rats, I missed out on the blog candy. But I certainly understand why people would like to see more posts (although I understand the time issue). Your cards are beautiful. Yet I look at them and think, Hey I could case that one. I love cards that I think I can case. And as soon as I get back my French Script background I loaned out, I'm casing the card you posted earlier with the two backgrounds. Congrats on reaching 5K.

Nichole M said...

Hooray!!! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be using that cute notebook to help me study this summer!