Friday, November 2, 2007

Unusual Source of Inspiration

As I was pouring some Mega M&Ms into my hand, I noticed that the colors looked really nice together. And then I realized that these colors closely matched some of Stampin' Up!'s colors and would be wonderful Autumn color combinations. So, here are the color combinations that I came up with with my chocolately inspiration.

This color combination is Bravo Burgundy, Chocolate Chip, More Mustard and Brocade Blue.

This color combination just changes the blue color. So now it's Bravo Burgundy, Chocolate Chip, More Mustard and Taken with Teal.

And the final chocolate inspired combination eliminated the blue and left me with Bravo Burgundy, Chocolate Chip and More Mustard.
This just proves another benefit of eating chocolate. Enjoy!


ssidawg said...

I love these colors together! Thanks for sharing your M&M inspiration! I never would have thought to combine these colors but I'm about to have fun playing with them!
Annette Williams

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old entry but... Mega M&M's come in SU colors, they are usually out at new catty time but with two catty that doesn't always happen but it is fun to say see even M&M's are getting into the SU mood.